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Another day...

Weather has been unbelievably bad today. Windy and...rain and....fog...! Got stuck in a flood near Uni. which was about 50 foot or so (I am so bad at predicting miles and yards of smaller distances). Uni is just 10 mins walk from my house so though it was pouring off madly, I decided to walk. Giving my umbrella a day out :) And I was damn shocked by the flood on the way just 2 mins from Uni...and I think the water must have been up to half way of shin. I just stood there, trying to work out how to get to the other side without getting wet. Wished I had my car with me at that point of time. But then, I would rather not get my car dirty though ;) So, seeing me standing there, no one else wanted to get wet and they were all standing. And I had this idea of getting into the portico of the houses in the street and then somehow across the other side. I definitely did not want to get wet, so I didn't mind walking through other people's portico. Though it is not very nice. Hmmm... But the house owner was very nice and helped us (me and there was some other girl who was waiting to get to the other side with me) to jump over the short wall and to the street. Lol it was good fun :) He he...but I was so glad there was a choice. And I could manage to get to the place where my transport to go to Basingstoke was waiting, just on time. Yeah, I had my GP session today. It went well. Better than I expected.

It was a great pleasure to watch the fall colours along the highways on the way to Basingstoke, which gave me the feel of approaching the real winter. The leaves have been turned into their gold colour. Some still in their yellow, maroon and rusty red. It has been so much spectacular to see even around the city. I wish I had taken a picture of the beautiful foliage to put up here, but I never thought I was going to be blogging about it :)

It also gets dark by 3pm before even we finish Uni, typical symptom of Winter. The rest of this season is going to be very dark...literally. Waking up seeing dark, leaving house to Uni or wherever when it is dark, returning home from uni when it is dark.......going to be hardly seeing any day light for months till next summer. And say waking up in freezing cold of Winter.................god! Thats when I miss the smell of heat and warm mornings you see when you wake up during summer. The capitulating sensation of summer.


Kumiththa said…
yea..It was raining all day yesterday. I missed the flood yes'day coz i didnt go to that campus.

Anyway..hope we have some good summer at least this year:)
Priya Joyce said…
ah rains...I luv rains...hey if u cum to ma place wat wud u say abt the flood..I just

niway now winters hav cum up
Saranya said…
Kumi: Yeah...they cleared the flood within a few hours tho :)

PJ: I generally love rain but not during Winter cos it also brings freezing wind. I think I will also love rain anytime if I am in a tropical country :)
Aneesh said…
WOW! Interesting. You didn't want to get wet? At least, once in a while you get such an opportunity, why didn't you use it? LOL
What you've described about the winter, I've only seen in movies :)
Hope you are well and fever is gone.
Saranya said…
Aneesh: Who would wanna go to a clinical setting soaked. lol. So nope I didn't wanna at that point of time :)
Thanks for asking, the fever is gone now :)
Karthik said…
waking up in freezing cold of Winter is really worse!! Chennai s nw n rain aftr some time.. But no snow!!!
welcome to the english weather. But the uni so needs more drainage system is dreadful!

Love your discribtions! I love the winter though but it could rain a little less though.

Smell of heat... umm hehe

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