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I'm Lovin' it

Holidays are sooo much relaxing :)..Say waking up late, without the alarm going off or the need to set it in snooze a couple of times before getting up...and as you wake up, a hot cup of coffee/tea comes to you to compromise the cold of winter. And then get ready. Eat. Drive around the shopping centres, have some fun at home, watch movies...sounds awesome? ;) Don't hate me guys, this chilling is not going to be for so long as I have exams coming up in January :)

As on holiday, I get to drive around a lot. The driving mode of me had been in idle for sometime after passing driving exams and getting a car. In this few days of driving on my own, the cover of one of my car's side mirrors has already been complimented with a long line of scratch by a wonderful cyclist, who was over-enthusiastic to squeeze in fast between the cars while waiting at the signal lights :(

Have been watching random movies as well as those that I missed. Every time I go home, I see several DVDs of films which I missed out. And then it rings a bell that I am so behind.The movie I looked forward to see in cinemas on the 12th, The Day the Earth Stood Still, turned out a waste of time. I wonder why they sometimes put an effort to remake a 50's sci-fi movie and it doesn't add anything better to the predecessor. I must say it was an underwhelming popcorn-flick.
Taare Zameen Par. Hands down! Happened to watch it by chance...just found the DVD at home and thought to give it try though I did not know the genre or the synopsis. But it was awesome. The end was really emotional and I simply loved it.

And, I am under the impression that this year's Christmas is much quieter...reason being the latest credit crunch. I guess. Remains to be seen how further the effects of it are going to be.

Anyways, wish you all have a leisurely weekend :)
Take Care.


Vani said…
Hmm..I've long forgotten how it feels like to be on holidays..Snoozing the alarm before getting up- ye..I do it all the tym..until the alarm finally stops going off..:)

As for ur car mirror..Its not ur fault though..

Watching I've been planning to watch dat movie "The day earth stood still"..But nw it seems such a waste of tym to watch it..

Have Nice holiday..:)
Hemanth Potluri said…
someone's having total fun :)...enjoy well saranya...and btw wer is my blog anniversary dedication :P....

the movie was just scientific :P...the first movie in 50's was complete different though ..well i to dint like the movie :(..

taare zaamen a awesome movie :)..

Priya Joyce said…
hey niice to hear tat..njoj to the fullest
brocasarea said…
am so j!!:(....looks like u are having a blast:).....

tzp was a cult movie...had almost cried watching it!!!;)
brocasarea said…
am blogrolling u!! reading other med blogs:))
Saranya said…
Vani: Yeah, I would not recommend that movie. Use that time to watch something else :)) Wishing u also a good holiday :)
Saranya said…
Hemanth: Done and sent hemanth :) Yep, Taare Zameen Par was an excellent movie. Thanks.
Saranya said…
PJ: thanks dear :) Hope u r doing well.
Saranya said…
Brocasarea: Welcome to my blog :) Yeah it was a good one, enjoyed it :) thanks for blogrolling :).
Kumiththa said…
wowww..having a good time:).. I can't call this christmas as a relaxing one. I am not even in a holiday mood. Anyway enjoy your holidayz!!! Watch lots of movies:)
Saranya said…
Kumiththa: Thanks and you too :):)
Aneesh said…
I guess my definition of holidays has changed this year. All holidays I've been ill. Last Onam, this Christmas and now this new year? I'm wondering whether I'll get ill on that time too?
it's strange but true :)

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