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Homosexual and HIV in India

was the title of an article in one of the recent BMJ magazines (British Medicial Journal). I was shocked reading it, the way the government and doctors take homosexualism in India. In fact, the doctors are refusing to treat those patients who are homosexual and HIV positive, according to the article. And it is believed that homosexual is the most cause of the HIV spread in India.
Having been holding hundreds of campaigns for Aids awareness and India being one of the countries with high prevalence of AIDS, it is ridiculous that the health professionals are judging the patients on their sexuality in order to be treated. The doctors claim that the patients don't declare their sexual practice to the physicians. But according to the article, homosexuals can be sentenced of life imprisonment in India. In that case, how a patient will declare his/her sexuality? This discrimination is what resulting in many cases, not coming out to get tested because of the fear of getting arrested, which can explain India's inability to fight HIV.

It has also been mentioned that some psychiatric believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Approximately 2.5 million of men identified in India as being homosexual but there are many more who are not open about their sexuality. What can you do about it? There are many more in this world who are like this. So what if they choose to live their lives like that. I think this discrimination should be eliminated from the country, which could help in diagnosing and treating as many as possible.

They are treated as the social outcasts and are facing so much social ostracism. WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated homosexual is not a disease but Indian government is calling it so. The Police have also been said to be involved in harassment and rapes. Isn't here the society has been sullied more than, what they think, by the selection of sexuality does.

After all, I personally think, as a health professional, a patient should not be discriminated for being any different. Every single person has the right to live in this earth as every other human. And so do they. Doctors are there to save life. Refusing to give medical treatment to a patient because of the sexuality is extremely cruel!

Student BMJ 2008;16:425468-ISSN 0966-6494 December


Priya Joyce said…
u shocked me too re..huh! tats juss ridiculous ..I donno wat to say to it
MultiMenon said…
yay!!firstuu.. :p

well..kno sumthing??India is spl in al des regards.Its oly here tht the HIV +ve',homosexuals,transgenders and all the so called unprivelaged are meated out this kinda treatment.And this has its mistakes wid the current system we are in.Though we say,we are a democratic secular state,for them,this country is still alien and tyranny is the king as far as they are concerned..


first tym ere..well written... :)
brocasarea said…
we indians tend to think hs as some crime...
in our hospital theres a separate ward for HIVs[in med]....and the nos are increasing day by day
Kumiththa said…
This is very shocking! As you said we have the rights to choose the way our life should be!

By descriminating/not treating homosexual patients they can't eliminate HIV from the country. Well written post saranya!
Prashant Sree said…
That news to me.,. Didnt know that such discrimination exist...

But ya, being a conventional society, it will be some time before The Right to Live is implemented...
Anonymous said…
it will be hard to alter a nations view to something which is prohibited and distasteful in their culture. but you are right doctors should help people and rise above discrimination. its unacceptable and unprofessional to not indiscriminately treat patients

Vani said…
This is shocking Sanu.As u've said, Doctors are there to save life. They cant just refuse to treat someone because of his/her sexuality. Deciding their sexuality is every one's own right, even if its not accepted in India, where the HS is considered as a violation of their religion and culture.

Well written post. I just read that BMJ article online, after reading ur post. Keep it up :)
Aneesh said…
I do agree with you. I don't think homosexuality is a disease.
Sexual preference, I guess, is an inborn thing. I guess, it's scientifically proven also?? You might be the right one to answer that.
I don't think sexual preference is a conscious choice. But, anyway, treatment based on condition is a crime, I guess. Who told these doctors not to treat homosexuals??
This, indeed is disturbing..

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