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Organ donation -Informed to Presumed

I was leafing through this week's NewScientist magazine today and the first news of This Week section has drawn my attention. You might have already guessed what it is gonna be about from the title.

The current law on Organ Donation in UK works on the basis of informed-consent -that is registering someone's name to the Organ donor register only if they came forward to make such positive decision in their lifetime.

And the article was about the shift from this voluntary registration to a presumed consent. The government is considering to change the law so that everyone will be registered as Organ donors unless they decide to opt out. FYI, Spain is the world's leading country in donation rates and Japan being the least. And Spain has this 'presumed consent' system, which allowed them to crack the problem of having a big gap between the demand for organs transplant and the number available.
Would changing the law actually make a significant difference? cos the 'ethical problems' is always a matter of serious doubt and moreover, not all the organs are usable.
There will still be families in the population to veto this law and I wonder how the public is going to be OR have been reacting to this. And needless to say that the opinion of public is much crucial. There are people from all walks of life with different cultural attitudes. Will the majority vote for this change.. and if not, is it effective to change the law? and how many of you who are reading this would agree with this change from an Opt-In to Opt-Out system.
Sweden has a lower donation rate compared to UK despite the fact that it has the presumed-consent law but on the other hand, as I mentioned earlier Spain has the highest rate withholding the same law.
What's going to happen....remains to be seen as the debate is still going on.


Anonymous said…
hmm i don't agree with this presumed consent law. I feel like it takes away peoples liberty and like you said some culturla and religious aspects should be considered as they may clash with this. If people are willing to donate they will come forth hence there is no need to bridge the gap of demands for organs and organ donation by taking away liberty since that is immoral in it self. It dissects the goodness from the whole notion of organ donation.

Kumiththa said…
I agree with the change in law from voluntary registration to presumed consent. Because most of us dont even bother registering even if we dont mind donating. As you mentioned, there will be ethical issues but then you dont have to donate if you dont want to.
Aneesh said…
I should go with the presumed-consent type, but it's my personal opinion. Anyways people need to grow up in this modern world, after death, why do they need internal organs? they can be in need for some helpless who is living.
In a country where there are lot of orthodox families, the establishment of the law will be a problem.
Anonymous said…
I like the informed consent because if a citizen wants to donate they will come forward. if it is an automatic presumed consent and say someone doesn't agree with it he might not like to go forward and say that he doesn't like it so remove his name and he might not like to tell anyone his reasons for it. This may cause many people to keep silent about their dislike and the fact they don't want to go and expose themselves as the negative ones, not donating.I feel this is in a way a forcing. This is very much about touching one's nose.
This is my personal opinion and not at all to mean I am against organ donation.

I liked the points you brought out.

Priya Joyce said…
here I feel tat everybody being registered for the donation can be correct as it ensures we get more people out there as we can always opt out the people whose organs can't be donated or the are of no use.
i think its just to get more people for the purpose
hey nice post dear!!!!
Anonymous said…
my brother was saying the exact same thing when i discussed this matter with him, he said people might feel bad about going forward and refusing to donate.
i just think its a little bit forced...we shouldn't have freedom to reject but freedom to choose...
freedom to choose that we want to donate not having to go down and refuse or we wont have a say ...thats my approach on this


thats been going on for a while now its not something new actually. I think they still dubating weather to get on with it or not.

Has for what I think.. I dont really mind tbh. As long and everyone knows the situation and anyways I think the family gets to decide either way anyways

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