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Skipping down the memory lane

Yesterday I decided to take out some of the photo albums from the shelf. I used to do this once in a while when I feel like to see the faces of my long lost/distant friends. I can't remember when I went through my old albums last but surely long ago. So yesterday happened to be one of those days.

When I usually bring them out everyone in my family would give me a look as if I am on the useless mode. Well, it only lasts until when I say something funny or make a comment about a person on a photo and after that they just can't keep themselves away and join me.

And I chanced on this album in which I had all the pictures of my first high school friends, from St Mary's Convent. It was a great schooling, which had given me great many memories to cherish all my life. A teacher who I want to be remembered now was one of my science teachers. He passed away a couple of days after undergoing a surgery few years ago.. He was a very strict but great teacher ever. He always calls most students 'women'... like, "what are you doing women, why did you do this women..etc".
And I can remember, one day he said that he knew palmistry and I asked him what my palm lines say about my edu. So, he looked at my palm and said something about the education line, the single line that runs across the palm above the life and head line, according to him. And he said it should not fall off btw the index and middle finger but should run over the index finger or end on it to mean a good edu. lolz. I seriously don't know if he was just kidding as I was just a kid to make me happy or something. But the line wasn't even near the fingers at that time though. I trusted him and I always used to watch how it makes its way as the time goes. Even now. When I get a disappointing marks or something, I look at my palm to see if the line has fallen off btw the fingers. lolz.
Anyways, he is no more with us and is always missed and remembered. Unfortunately, I don't have any of his photos but his funeral notice. By the time I got the notice on my hands it was too late.

The happy moments were countless. I had an embarrassing time when we all guides (girl scouts) were camping during the holidays. It was the last day; we were sitting together in a circle with our Sister-Principal (headteacher) and celebrating the final moments. And at the end they decided to ask me a question. I wasn't too afraid of speaking in mike so I got up and went to the middle quite happily and was so proud of how special I was to be chosen for a special qs. All lasted until the question penetrated the membranes. I didn't even know I was going to react like that to them cos the question was very simple and if I was asked the same qs right now I would give a long lecture on it. Ok, they asked me 'You seem to be one who has more friends than most other in this school and whats the secret behind it'. Quite straightforward. All I did was crying. I feel really embarrassing when I think about it now and I still don't know why the hell I cried in front of my head teacher, class tutor and all others. Lolz. School moments are priceless and irreplaceable. I miss my school days, school friends and each and every second of my presence there.

And yesterday was a day for me to refresh all the memories when I had chanced upon my school photos. I wish I could go back to the age of a kid and go through the same colourful moments again. But I can't. After all I am an ordinary human.


bahaurn said…
Thats why I love taking pictures soo much lol All memoried of what has happened!

Its great to remember everyone once in a while. And sit there thinking 'why do we have to grow up'

School days were priceless indeed.

great post
Anonymous said…
wow how nice of you to cherish your past like that saranya. I'm sure you will experience more colourful awesome moments like that through out all your life, we always miss the moment...but life isn't about good memories that recede into the past but about making each moment special while holding our past with high regards.
I love to go through the past in my head and giggle about it and at the same time be hopeful for more newer memories to treasure
Hemanth Potluri said…
gr8 saranya...guess wat i was also looking at my previous albums all day yest and s those moments keep u of some hope and happiness in u...and gr8 that u had gone through all those memory movements may be some day ...i wud be there in ur album as a imprint wer u can even remember me as a blogger frnd .Keep smiling..


thnks so much for ur support..loads of love..
Kumiththa said…
Some very nice memories there. As you mentioned school days are the best! I always think that it will be really good if i had a chance to rewind my life.lolz...
ANWESA said…
how wonderful r dose memories!u'll b glad/surprised 2 kno dat my latest post is also abt my skul dez.hope u'll njoy.liked ur post vry much..
Aneesh said…
Beautiful post, really enjoyed it :) Well, photos are one thing, what about autographs? Didn't you keep autographs from school? I didn't have that habit and I certainly misses it now, the way people write something funny in their little age is worth remembering them a lifetime :)
Aneesh said…
'N I still don't get why you cried? LOL
I wouldn't have dared to go infront of the mike in my school days, not even on stage LOL. That was some time :)
Anonymous said…
amazing post.i lovd the way u wrote reminded me of my skool dayz.cheerful memories they were. tHankz for that.this is my first visit to ur blog and have gone through some posts.all interesting.good luck.
ps:congrats on the awards
Prashant Sree said…
Hey lovely reminiscing about the school days. Felt quite nostalgic...

Yes, we cant go back to old days yet we can live the present !! Who knows we will look back on these days with the nostalgic feeling after some years.,.

School days has to be the best time in anyone's life.,.

Good Writeup.


Saranya said…
Baharun: Thank you. Yep, its indeed a fair qs 'why do we have to grow up'.lolz.
Saranya said…
Sudi: Thanks a lot :) well said, its most of the times on our hands to make our life happier.
Saranya said…
Hemanth: Were youu? A co-incidence huh! and my blog will remind me my blogger friends daily anyway -much better than albums so i don't have to really keep all of you pps photos in an album. lolz.Thanks a lot hemanth :)
Saranya said…
Kumiththa: Thanks so much :) I too always wish the same :)
Saranya said…
Anwesa: Yep checked it. Pretty similar stuff n I enjoyed it too...and thanks a lot :)
Saranya said…
Aneesh: Thanks so much :)) Ye, why not, I did get autographs from as many ppl as possible...they must be somewhere in my house..hehe. Thanks for reminding me, I am gonna be searching for them soon :)
and, nope, dunno why cried. may be thats what they call 'tears of joy' lolz.
Saranya said…
Ji: Thanks for ur visit and wishes. Ye they are always the pink of life :)
Saranya said…
Prashant: Thanks so much :) absolutely right, there are the best days of life for everyone! :)
Vani said…
Those were some really touching memories you put up there saranya..
Yeah, school days and school friends are some of the most interesting chapters in life.

I want you to know that we all missed you here when you left the school and went to UK.We still do St.Mary's missed you so much. Coz you were a good prefect, model student and most of all a lovely friend to all.

I just wish I have the power to rewind the days..
Saranya said…
That's very nice to hear :) I miss my schools and school friends so much. and yeah, I also wish the same but what to do, there is nothing more we can do beyond just wishing!
Aneesh said…
MM?? Tears of joy? Does that happen often? After this incident?
Saranya said…
Ermmm, not really..No -if am not wrong.:)lol.
Anonymous said…
wow thanks for sharing your memories lol its like im getting to know you better just by your blogs then when i was with you at school.

Saranya said…
Lol, really! That would be cool then :) thanks Naima :)

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